EDC3100 – Introduction

EDC3100 - Introduction

Darren McMullin


Who am I ?
I am a mature age student (my wife would argue the term mature) indulging in his mid-life crisis with a change of profession.

The inspiration for going to Uni and becoming a ‘Padawan Teacher’ (Star Wars reference – an apprentice Jedi) belongs to my twin Granddaughters who have enlightened me to ways of the pedagogical force.

ICT and Me?
I love gadgets and anything with flashing lights, but when it comes to computers I seem to be stuck in an infinite loop.
A continuous love-hate relationship tethered to technology.
When we are both in sync it’s enjoyable and when we aren’t…………..

What do I think about ICT and Pedagogy?
I am of the opinion that ICT is like any other tool in the classroom, if it’s used effectively it has many benefits.
Unfortunately, I believe that it is either under utilised or worse superficially used because it has been mandated somewhere, by someone.
ICT can be a great tool to aid all students and provide opportunities for differentiation

Course Expectations
I would like to find out how to implement ICT’s within my teaching more effectively.
I am eager to discover and use new tools to assist my journey seeking the pedagogical force.


About Mr-Mac

I am currently studying B EDU at USQ Springfield.
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