We will help you reach your ‘FULL POTENTIAL’.

How many times have you heard this statement or a variant of it?

I believe that potential is never static, it’s not a line drawn in the sand or a location that you can ever truly reach. Think of potential in the same way that you visualise Vygotsky’s ‘Zone of Proximal Development’, with effort, development and learning the zone shifts. The same is evident with potential to believe in fixed potential you must also believe in a fixed mindset.

“As a person grows, learning and experiences become more sophisticated and challenging, growth continually occurs, and potential is never reached because it is impossible to reach.”

Mary Cay Ricci

Ricci, M.C. (2013). Mindsets in the Classroom: Building a Culture of Success and Student Achievement in Schools: Sourcebooks.

As Teachers we must constantly reflect upon our students development and promote the development of a growth mindset not only with them but all those having influence upon them.


About Mr-Mac

I am currently studying B EDU at USQ Springfield.
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