If you are teaching your students the tools of yesterday, you are preventing society from moving forward. Rather, we must be teaching our students to use the tools of this moment, and teaching them how to learn the next set.”


Wow, what an interesting discussion starter.

As Teachers, we are responsible for the education and growth of the students in our charge, as such we need to meet their present and future requirements.

We need to be discerning with the messages we give our students, by grabbing onto the latest and greatest ‘tool of the moment’ what sublime message do our students comprehend.

Are we reinforcing the consumerist hyperbole that large corporations wield to coerce a vulnerable society to partake of the latest fad or trend of the moment?

Teachers need to ensure that students become discerning and literate users of ICT.  Just as a tradesman will choose the best tool for the job so must students be shown how to select the best technology for the task at hand.



Would you use a chainsaw to prune a rosebush?

In this digital age with portable devices and electronic gadgets all the rage, it is sometimes easy to forget about ‘yesterdays’ technology or depreciate its importance. The Brain could be considered outdated, old-fashioned and inefficient if compared to the calculator found inside most mobile phones. The calculator, for most part is faster at calculating large and complex number problems. Some might say that because it can handle everything from simple and basic computations through to large and complex tasks that it would be a more efficient use of time to teach a student how to use the calculator than to waste so much time teaching them about addition, subtraction, division and multiplication.

Whoa Up, I realise that what I just said is controversial, it was meant that way. Technology is a tool; we have the choice to use it wisely or inappropriately. We need to think holistically about what we need our students to achieve. Will using ICT enhance the student’s learning and deepen their comprehension of the subject? Do students need to use technology to scaffold their skills and understanding for future tasks?

The tools we use need to be the best available and the most suited to the facilitation of student understanding.


About Mr-Mac

I am currently studying B EDU at USQ Springfield.
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