Share some teaching strategies;

Taken from the What “pedagogy” do you know? activity this is my contribution to the discussion.

The strategy or questioning technique I prefer is one that is offered by Anita Archer and Charles Hughes in their book “explicit instruction”. This technique is roughly based on direct instruction but uses gestural and visual cueing to reinforce your words. If you are asking a question to the whole class you would;

  • Ask the question with your arms extended above your head and palms towards the class.
  • Pause, lowering your arms gesturing for any students with their hands up to lower them.
  • You can now choose the student you wish to answer the question.
  • Alternatively, you may wish to extend the thought process with a more collaborative approach.

The authors promote explicit instruction as systematic, direct, engaging, and success oriented (Archer, 2011).

Whilst I find the above useful for demonstrations and procedural tasks, I much prefer to engage students in collaborative inquiry.

Archer, A. L. (2011). Explicit instruction effective and efficient teaching C. A. Hughes (Ed.) What works for special needs learners. (pp. 1 online resource (xiii, 290 p)).  Retrieved from


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