Reflection on ICT’s

twitterIt is amazing how information and how it’s communicated can influence our lives. I was with a group of students yesterday participating in a tutorial session when the news reader apps on our mobile devices started relaying feeds from some of the blogs and comments being posted.

The fact that the news reader apps were doing their job wasn’t remarkable, but it was that we all received the information at the same time. The blog posts caused an emotional response within us, and collectively; we were astonished and amazed. Our emotions  varied as they do, but we were focused on the developing news feeds oblivious to the tutorial occurring around us.

Later in the day this prompted my reflective process to look back to the past and how news may have been days, weeks, months or possibly even years old before being delivered to the end consumer. It was in the middle of this self-indulgent reflection that a twitter message heralded its arrival with a customary whistle notification. Andy Cope ( an educator I follow)  retweeted a link to a YouTube video by a Tiffany Shlain with the comment “ remarkable vid… everyone should watch”, so I obliged.

What a truly uplifting and motivational 8 minutes, this video even gave me a deeper conceptual understanding to some of our course material. Remember the Fixed or Growth Mindset activity.

A truly positive way to communicate information.


About Mr-Mac

I am currently studying B EDU at USQ Springfield.
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