Time to come up for AIR.


I think that now is a good time to resurface and collect a breath of fresh air.

I have finally finished part ‘B’ of assignment 1.

This assessment has pushed me to the limits. I know I said in an earlier post that I was prepared to follow the road less traveled but this was bordering on the insane.

I managed to find plenty of new resources and try my hand at HTML5. For this assignment I wanted to create an artifact that was not only accessible by computers and laptops but also mobile devices such as Ipads and Android tablets. To accomplish this task I needed to source a place on the internet that would host my artifact. My first port of call were places like Weebly and Wix but unfortunately the template based nature of these hosts proved to restrictive.This necessitated the sourcing of a webhost and the creation of a website to support my artifact. A new set of skills and resources were needed to transfer the information from my computer to the internet by ftp. The learning curve was quite large and I needed to remind myself “NOT drowning, swimming”, mostly underwater but still swimming.

Mostly finished now, and regardless of the result I’m happy with not only what I have produced but mostly that I’ve gone out on that limb and had a go.


About Mr-Mac

I am currently studying B EDU at USQ Springfield.
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