Backward Design Process

Backwards design is part of the curriculum model Understanding by Design (UbD), posited by Jay McTighe & Grant Wiggins.

The whole process of backward design strikes a chord with me for it reminds educators to focus on the requirements of the child.

Sometimes educators can get excited with the array of technology tools available and the mandated requirement to integrate into the curriculum that they may loose sight of what the child needs.

It’s great to have that whiz bang Interactive White Board, Ipad or BeeBots but the initial curiosity and quality of engagement can wane if not used effectively. Backward design is an instrument that teachers should utilise to ensure the balance between curriculum needs and those of the child.  The following book links two of the foci of this course, digital technology and UbD with Universal Design for Learning (UDL).

This book can be read online here. And more information on UDL can be found here.

Teaching Every Student in the Digital Age: Universal Design for Learning David H. Rose & Anne Meyer ASCD, 2002


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